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#Malta^Singles (Mirc Undernet)

Our Guys......../2

Our Gals.........
Our Guys........
Our Guys......../2
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Our Pasta Night {22/04/05}
{Our BBQ 27/05/05}
{Channel's First B'Day BBQ - 20/08/2005}

More of our guys......


Not much to say about Vitara yet, since I still don't know him quite well........but what I can surely say is that when he is in the mood it would be the "nick change time" with him around LOL  He simply loves changing nicks, didn't quite understand why yet :| hehe Glad you are one of the group :-) - Lady^F^30


belti32m - the guy with a million resources hehe well he is a Liverpool supporter so obviously he has pretty good choices ;-) He's usually very quiet but when in the mood, he says things that make you think :P I'm sure he knows what I am referring to :-) - Lady^F^30


The bobo boy :P bikerinuuuuuuuu hehe - another biker in our channel (we should start up a bikers' club called malta^singles LOL) have known him for quite some time now, he's a great friend, very open minded, says what he has to say, he never has stomach aches for a word not said :P Great to have you with us biker :-) - Lady^F^30


yo yo yo another biker in da house!!!!! hehe dissector a funny but very cool guy.....he can't handle more than one conversation at a time!!!! Haven't met him in person yet, but being gassu's friend I am sure he is as cool as him :P hehehe LOL Welcome aboard :-) - Lady^F^30


maaaaaaaa beleive me, this guy, gsxr600, is crazy man! (well he says same about me) but he's loads of fun... but he can be real sweet at times ... and nasty as well and antipatku and all that lol ... (oh yeah you'd like my comments!!) well... just started chatting to him lately so as such its not like i know him so well... but he sure knows how to keep a conversation goin on and the good thing about it all is that he's so funny and so straight to the point that sometimes i just tell him to shut the hell up! lol
Eh btw, u have to cook for me eh :P hahaha kiddin!
We're glad to have you with us ginger :-)



nivek - we haven't chatted much did we? I understand that you had some problems and couldn't make it to be online often, hope that when you are better we will be in a position to get to know each other better, till then, welcome in our group :-) Lady^F^30


tattooM, never met a guy more sensitive, caring and helpful than him! He is a very understanding man (which is quite a PLUS since most men are not LOL :P) and he is always ready to give a helping hand to everyone. He thinks alot and his caring is overwhelming, especially towards a particular person :P so happy to have you aboard :-) Lady^F^30


hehehe thinking of Cheked makes me smile, he's the over extra busy guy, always there but never present LOL Ain't I so lucky that he has found 5 minutes to email me his pic? :P Anything you ask him, he will answer "is soltu hux impenjat" :P oh well very happy to have you on board anyways :P - Lady^F^30


hmmmmm not much to say about spycott as yet since I am still trying to get to know him but..........I can say that he is our slurpy boy :P hehehe I'm sure most of you (and obviously himself) know what I mean by this :-) Oh well he is a great asset to our group and I must say that I am very happy to have him aboard and that he is a great laugh most of the time - Lady^F^30


Hmmmmmmmm I have to write something nice about Oddity ghax ilu jeqred li ghadni ma ktibt xejn fuqu :P Hehehe He disappears from time to time and then always makes his 'gran' come back. As yet never met him face to face imma fih tip ta, he's a good laugh :D Issa suppost he promised he is coming for the next meeting, so keep up to your word man and come let us meet ya ;-) so glad to have you on board Oddity :P - Lady^F^30


Oh well not much to say yet about punto[blue] apparti li hamruniz bhali so ovvja he is great :P hehe Still new in the channel but he is integrating with us very quickly..... Will be meeting him soon in the next channel meeting, so welcome aboard man, good to have you with us :-) - Lady^F^30