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#Malta^Singles (Mirc Undernet)

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Our Gals.........
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Il-Lady^Taghna!! Oh well ... we haven't been friends for a long period but to tell you the truth... and you know how i am... i just say whatever I feel like it... its like I've been knowing you for ages!! A characteristic that you really should treasure about yourself is that you are SO trusthworty and would do anything to help Your REAL True friends and apart from that you're a good laugh too... thats why we go good together girl! ;-P ... so for you all joining this channel... yes she's the founder of this channel and as you can see for yourself she did an amazing job... and for you Guys... she IS the girl to do your outmust to get to her coz shes really worth it! XxXxX amorin!!


hmmmmm..... what is it I can say about Morena?? She is a great friend both on Mirc and in real life, ready to help out in every way she can. She is a very straight forward person, she says what she has to say no matter what and no matter to who.....She has always been there for me and for our channel and for this I tell ya......Thanks ciccirin, you're simply the best :-) XxX - Lady^F^30


I have known Keysha for years and years, there has been a time when our lives took different directions, but here we are again, back on track :P She's one of my greatest friends, on the channel we call her "The Channel's Warden" LOL When we meet up, buzzzz and laughter are guaranteed! Thanks a lot Keysha, You are simply great ;-) XxX - Lady^F^30

She's a good laugh thats for sure!! hehehe And she's also of great company, (especially at the club, ghax filli hdejk filli tisparixxi ;-) hahahaha) and really nice to talk to ... I'm sure that our friendship would get even stronger girl! :-)
MoreNa` XxXxX


Me26......... a very sweet and friendly person. Still getting to know her well, but I must say that I am very happy to have her on board! She might seem a go getter on the Channel but in real life she is a shy person but with a great heart :-) Welcome in our group me26, you are a good person and I am sure my friends join me in telling you - You are a special gal :-) Lady^F^30


Apart from being a great friend Coollady is the Channel's baby gal :-) She doesn't talk much but beware, here aku jitsu speaks for her if need be :P LOL Sometimes i think she lives in a world of her own, but then again, this is what makes her unique. Thanks for being one of us Coollady, Keep it up dude :-) - Lady^F^30

Coollady is one of my dearest friends... from the first day we met ma waqafnix nghidu LOL ... hux vera cicc?! Well sometimes shes too quiet when the others are chatting but beleive me... she would be observing what's going on for sure :-)  So Beware y'all! hehehe
MoreNa` XxXxX


martina--............she is a great friend on both mirc and in real life!!!!! She is fun to be with and a great laugh too...........but when she gets angry...........make her way ! LOL Her kids are as wonderful as she is! I really enjoy our outings together especially when they join us, they are cool and great kids just like their mom!!!! One thing about martina........beware when she starts shouting, cause she doesn' t shout but screams hehehe LOL :P Thanks marty for being one of us........we luv ya all :-) - Lady^F^30


Loads to say about dollly1!!!!!!!!! but I won't say it all since she knows all I think about her already :-) She is one of my oldest friends, we have been to school together, shared a flat for a year and have loads and loads in common. She is a great friend with a great heart. I am so happy to have you in our group.....Keep it up Dolly1 and thanks for being one of us xXx - Lady^F^30