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#Malta^Singles (Mirc Undernet)

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His nick is that of a famous champagne.....a very good one I must add, it's obvious he has good choices :P He's one of the most happy go lucky guys in our channel,when he's chatting he spices the channel up.......even though sometimes it is a bit hard to get a hold of what he says LOL Thanks for being one of us Moet^Chandon :-) - Lady^F^30


What to say about ^Zender? He is such a quiet guy, when he is around we never notice him unless we pinch him hehe I have known him for quite sometime now and I must say that he is a great person and a good friend....... Just one thing ^Zender..........think less, talk more ;-) Thanks for being with us - Lady^F^30


My dudinu.......JustBe, he is so sweet but nervous at times, he is very caring but very curious :P He makes me smile cause if we can't chat - he emails me, if he can't email me - he texts me :-) He is the Channel's Baby Boy........and my sweety pie hehe xXx Thanks Justbe :-) - Lady^F^30


Not much to say about Lobster^.............he is an "always busy" guy, makes us have a good laugh when he is online, he is, in my opinion, the "hawwadni ha nifhmek guy" :P LOL hehe in a GOOD way though.......BUT he is cool (li hu tieghu intihulu hux :P) so thanks to you too for being with us :-) Lady^F^30


maranto! the semi italian guy................he simply loves talking in italian.....well I must admit I like the language too but not too keen on Italians (especially when it comes to football :P) sojji maranto hehe LOL .... A sweet guy, always passing compliments to all gals in the room :-) A real gentleman our maranto - Lady^F^30


Another of our bikers........Renegade33, glad to have you on board, most of you know I simply luv bikes, so having a couple of bikers with us is simply great :-) Don't know renegade much yet, but hopefully we'll become better friends soon :-) Thanks for being one of us - Lady^F^30


Gassu Gassu Gassu, it's so good to have you on board :-) Veil is a very calm guy at times but he can't take any kind of pressure cause he turns into a panic station :P LOL He is the sweetest guy I ever met and I must say that he is now one of my best friends :-) He is also a biker so that gives him a + hehehe Thanks so much for all your help and for simply being you veil- Lady^F^30

Hehe DrEaMeR26, he is a new comer, so welcome aboard mate :-) He told me that he chose this nick cause he lives in the clouds......which one? no 9? :P Funny how things happen........had no idea who he was but after just 5 minutes we discovered we knew each other :-) Thanks for joining us! - Lady^F^30


I dont know him quite well yet............but I can say that IRc\Owner is a cool guy, young and very helpful..........he is always on but he is never there LOL Hope to get to know more about him :-) Thanks for being one of us :-) - Lady^F^30


hmmmmmmmmm loads and loads to say about ic cigar but not enough space here to write, so, I will say the most important things about him.....Have known him for quite some time, he has been (and still is) a great friend to me, both on mirc and in real life.  He is always ready to listen (apparti meta taqbizlu :P) He was a great help with the channel and a great help to me when I needed someone to listen......Thanks Owen, thanks for being a REAL friend, I very much appreciate it! :-) xXx Lady^F^30


What to say about kill-bill?.......he is very quiet, hasn't been with us for long, but from the little I know him, he is one who can have a really decent chat and one with some sense too :-) Welcome to our channel kill-bill.......we are happy to have you in our group - Lady^F^30


Our guy in the sky LOL or better the one living on the moon :P Yep........This is our Blog_Goth (never got the meaning of this nick imma msomma) He rarely chats cause he is such a busy guy! (playing games on the pc hehehe) :P an oldie to this channel, so thanks for keeping up with us :-) - Lady^F^30



Our Giggsy^ Boy.............A sweet, quiet guy, but when he says something he says it with sense LOL and when he is in the right're in to a good laugh with him........Still getting to know him, but must say I'm happy to have him on board :-) - Lady^F^30